The Crown Road Community


Members are free to create whatever groups they wish to (provided they are not illegal or immoral!), but must take complete responsibility for them and their presentation (and keeping it up-to-date) on this website. Below I shall simply list a few examples that spring to mind. Each listed group will, of course, link to its own webpage, which will contain further information.


  • CRCP Coordination Group

  • Community Leaders Group (elected by all members over 18 and responsible for mediating disputes, offering advice, representing the community at council meetings etc.)

  • Community Projects Groups (e.g. for community centre, tree planting, traffic calming measures, local shop)

  • Play Group (for pre-school children)

  • Youth Group(s)

  • Old codgers (pensioners) Group(s)

  • Homework Groups

  • Community Events Group (dances, music, festivals, etc)

  • History of Science Group

  • British History Group

  • Local History Group

  • British Muslim Group

  • Asian History Group

  • Local flora and fauna Group

  • Reading Group(s) (for literature, poetry or whatever)

  • Bridge Group(s)

  • Foreign Language Group(s)

  • Telly Groups (for those who would rather watch a film or their favourite soap in company)

  • Discussion Groups

Perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away . . . .  The list could go on  and on. The point is that there is no limit to what can be done, if there are people who want to do it. And if there aren't enough people in our own community, there's no reason why groups shouldn't be opened up to members of neighbouring communities, or why groups listed here should not be located in other communities.

There is a great need for a community centre, where these groups can meet, of course, but that will be expensive at take time to make a reality. In the meantime, groups will have to meet in private houses, unless some other possibility presents itself - renting a room at the local school, perhaps, or at the library.